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SAS Affiliate Review 2021

Free Traffic with SAS Affiliate and GroovePages

What is SAS Affiliate?

SAS Affiliate is a no-frills course on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers earn a commission by recommending a product to others who, in turn, buy the product. The system is excellent for beginners as well as successful affiliate marketers. SAS Affiliate is a partnership with two successful internet marketers, Jason Caluori & Barry Plasow. SAS focuses on capturing sales from buyers who are ready to buy without spending money on advertisements.

The training concentrates on getting your page ranked on the first page of Google, increasing your ability to connect with your target audience.

SAS Affiliate and Groove – Formally GrooveFunnels

Groove is a technology company that wants to help you with your marketing instead of marketing companies that want to help you with your technology. Groove is focused on improving its platform and making their education free—other companies concentrate on selling you other products. SAS Affiliate has partnered with Groove that uses the power of VUE.JS that allows web pages to load faster than their competitors. Groove is great for SEO (search engine optimization), which increases traffic and quality to your website. SEO fundamentals are built into the GroovePages system.

Using the SAS Affiliate system, you get the correct training to implement the page settings for maximum efficiency. GroovePages is designed to capture the attention of the search engine to get results. GrovePages is a search engine friendly platform. Groove has a ton of free training that goes along with your account. Best of all, you can get a free account for life; YES, a FREE ACCOUNT for LIFETIME! No credit card is needed.

Generating Free Traffic

SAS Affiliate training concentrates on building websites, NOT paid internet advertising. Paid advertising is the trap that other online marketing trainers use. SAS focuses on evergreen or fresh content. Evergreen content will continue to be relevant long after its publication. Your content will not expire, and your traffic will continue to grow.

Why Choose SAS Affiliate?

One name - Jason Caluori. Jason’s step by step instruction is straight and to the point. His no-frills style makes you comfortable that allows you to grasp the concepts more readily. SAS Affiliate’s motto is “No One Left Behind.” All live recordings are recorded and available for you to pause, back up, and apply the techniques presented.

The training, divided into seven parts, including picking products, keywords, writing content, site building, links, and what to do next. Each of these categories has relatively short videos covering specific sub-topics. Beginners should watch all the videos and take handwritten notes. After this, watch the videos again and executing the techniques. I would advise everyone to watch the videos twice. There are quite a few things I learned that I wish I knew last year. Jason has a Facebook group that he answers questions and provides additional training. Also, there is a ton of bonus training and live webinars every week recorded if you miss them.

Does SAS Affiliate work with eCommerce,

Local Businesses, or My Product?

Yes, SAS and Groove do a great job with eCommerce, local business, and your products. You can use GroovePages and GrooveSell to sell a product with an order bump and an upsell. You can also use GrooveSell to create your products like webinars and get affiliate marketers to do the promotion. SAS has quite a few templates you can use for local businesses. These templates include Bakery, Real Estate, Air B&B, store, Pest Control, and many more.

Pros of SAS Affiliate

SAS Affiliate is great for everyone.

Free traffic method, NOT paid advertising. There are no significant expenses that you need to buy to get going with this program. I would recommend purchasing a domain name ($10) and Keywords Everywhere ($10) to get started.

Easy to create SEO friendly pages.

Jason Caluori’s Facebook group has incredible support from Jason and other experts. Ask a question, and you will get a response.

Jason’s over the shoulder training is straight and to the point.

There is a ton of bonus training content.

Free for life webpage builder and fast webpage speed with GroovePages.

Cons of SAS Affiliate

Some of the weekly webinars are sales pitches for other products. However, there often is useful information that you can use in your promotions.

The learning curve for beginners may take a little time. However, you can be successful with patience, continued effort, and determination. Don’t give up; this is not a get rich quick program.

Groove is still in beta, and sometimes there are glitches. Jason’s Facebook group has plenty of people that have solved the same types of problems and are willing to help.

Jason’s Inner Circle Facebook group costs $97.00 a month after a 30 day trial period. In my opinion, it is well worth it.


SAS Affiliate is the best investment that you can make to get into affiliate marketing without paying for ads. I have spent thousands of dollars on other programs to get a coach who’s only job was to sell me another program. I have spent thousands of dollars on other programs in monthly fees to do affiliate marketing. With SAS Affiliate and GroovePages, I no longer have those monthly fees. The cost of the SAS Affiliate program is $497.00 one time payment. There are two other payment programs, 3 easy payments of $197.00 or 5 easy payments of $137.00. This program delivers more than advertised.

✅ Over the Shoulder Step-By-Step Videos. Get Your Affiliate Offer Up and Running in 48 Hours.

✅ Weekly Live Webinars, All Recorded So You Can View Anytime.

✅ Weekly Live Webinars, All Recorded So You Can View Anytime.

✅ Jason's High Converting Website Templates.

✅ Early Access to RS Affiliate Programs With 40% Commmissions.

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Join SAS Affiliate

Are you looking for training that is straight and to the point? Do you want to learn how to get pages ranked on Google? Are you committed to spending the time it takes to learn SAS Affiliate and Groove? Do you understand that this is NOT a get rich scheme? If you have answered YES to all of these questions, then SAS and GroovePages system are for you. It is time to get your copy of SAS Affiliate today.


Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

  • Q. Does SAS Affiliate work for beginners?

 Yes, anyone can do this, as long as you are ready to spend the time. The training is straight to the point, and nothing is left out. Jason Caluori provides step by step training. The training is recorded, you can go back and watch it if you missed something. However, to succeed, you must take action.

  • Q. What if I have other issues or have more questions about SAS Affiliate?

There is an excellent support team waiting for you in the private Facebook group. There are hundreds of people that can answer your questions, including Jason himself.

  • Q. Is the SAS Affiliate method saturated?

No, SAS Affiliate uses keywords to get ranked on Google. There are hundreds of keywords for every product (niche), local businesses, and eCommerce stores. Jason goes over how keywords work and how to search for them.

  • Q. Is SAS Affiliate Legit?

The group behind SAS Affiliate are recognized and highly regarded industry pioneers in marketing on the internet. Jason and Barry are successful 8-figure earners on the net. Jason’s shows you step by step how to use keywords to get your pages ranked in Google.

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